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Privacy compliance can be painless

Surely is driven to improve transparency around student data privacy and provide compliance services with qualified experts, giving educational leaders the information needed to make informed decisions about technology

In partnership with iKeepSafeTM, we combine comprehensive privacy assessments performed by leading compliance experts with quality customer service and support

Who is iKeepSafe?

iKeepSafe is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help youth thrive in the digital environment by promoting safe and healthy use of technology. They track trends and conduct research to identify youth needs, as well as solicit expert opinions to devleop resources and tools.

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Why get certified?

Gives confidence to parents and educators with a trusted third party assessment.

Provides peace of mind around complex and everchanging privacy regulations and safety best practices.

Reduces costly legal fees and reduces sales cycle time.

Current completed assessments

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Explore our assessments

Assessments allow you to demonstrate compliance with our clear guidelines around federal and state-specific laws governing student data privacy, making it easier for the local educational agencies to use your products

Earn a privacy badge by completing a privacy assessment and receive product profiles that clearly and simply communicate your vetted internal practices, and privacy and safety policies


Gives confidence to educators and parents that student data is safe with your product and provides simple answers about your product data practices through the product profile.

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FERPA – Higher Ed

A FERPA assessment designed specifically for use in higher education

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COPPA - Safeharbor

Assures parents and teachers that your product is compliant with COPPA. As an FTC Safeharbor, iKeepSafe can protect your company against FTC fines and legal action.

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California Student Privacy Program

A comprehensive assessment of California specific laws and requirement including SOPIPA, California Education Codes (Contracts with Technology Providers, Student Information from Social Media), and others.

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Parents, educators, and policymakers rely on us to help protect student data

“With the passage of AB 1584 and SOPIPA, many districts are struggling to adequately vet vendor products to assure compliance. The iKeepSafe badging process would give me assurance that the vendor’s product has been thoroughly reviewed and is compliant with this new student privacy legislation.

“Having a badge would give me confidence that I could move forward with a vendor’s product knowing that student data will be protected.”

—Steve Carr, CTO Ventura County Office of Education

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